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Henry VIII {The Tudors}
28 June
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Henry VIII is the second monarch in the House of Tudor after succeeding from his father, Henry VII. He reigned from 1509 until his death in 1547, taking six wives in that time, and fathering four children.

All he's ever wanted is to be King; to lead his country in the manner he sees fit, and to have a son and heir to whom he can entrust it to. Henry is a man consumed by power, and one that enjoys all the privileges that goes with it. He is a womaniser, and greatly enjoys the pleasures of the flesh.

The Wives:

Catherine of Aragorn
(1509-1533; anulled, mother of Mary I)

Anne Boleyn
(1533-1536; anulled and beheaded, mother of Elizabeth I)

Jane Seymour
(1536-1537; died, mother of Edward VI)

Anne of Cleves
(1540-1540; anulled)

Catherine Howard
(1540-1541; anulled, beheaded)

Catherine Parr

Disclaimer: Clearly I'm not really Henry VIII. He belonged to himself and England once upon a time, but this particular version belongs to Showtime, and the creators of The Tudors. Don't sue, just for fun.